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What Do You Think?

What do you think about Jael?

Did you think she was a good Pro-Life?
What do you think about her chalenge win?
Did you think she made a good Bookworm?
What do you think about her makeover?
Do you think she was a good Birthday Cake?
Did she look dead/strangled in the photoshoot?
How hot was she as a guy? lol.
What do you think about her standing up to Renee?
Did you think she was annoying at the party?
How well did she potray her 4 personalities?

Anything else about Jael? Post it here!
Oh, any type of Jael news don't go here.
The same goes with avatars or fanart.
Remember to start your own new thread when you've made a new fanart/avatar or found out something new about Jael.

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